Feedback at postgraduate level is based on a dialogue between tutors and students. It is about gaining the necessary skills of self-evaluation and independence in learning to become part of a wider academic community. Feedback at postgraduate level can take many forms and be found in many places, from informal advice to supervisory meetings and academic peer review for publication. Often it will need to be sought out actively and will require self-reflection in order to understand how it can be applied and acted upon.

There is plenty of support available to help you to make the most of feedback at postgraduate level, see below for more information.

Student Quotes

"My supervisor gave me useful feedback on a conference paper I was writing, commenting on the structure and elements that I could improve. It was concise and clear, and helped me to see where I could make positive changes to the work."

Languages and Cultures, PGR

"After I turned in my yearly report and did my viva, I got a page worth of feedback on the paper. It heavily critiqued it on content and pushed me to do research with more direction."

Material Science and Engineering, PGR

"Feedback from my 1st to 2nd year upgrade was very useful. It helped to focus my research, as well as giving a 3rd party perspective."

Animal and Plant Sciences, PGR

"I found my biannual review very useful because my examiner highlighted some areas that I hadn't previously considered. He was very thorough and constructive in his criticism."

Sociological Studies, PGR